About this project

What is beauty? Why does beauty matter to us? What role does it play in our lives? How does it shape our lives and the work we do, whether for good or ill?

When we think about beauty, we usually think about art or fashion. But that's too narrow a view of beauty.

In my work as a social scientist, I've found that beauty is relevant to domains like science, justice, morality, food, faith, work, and other aspects of our lives.

This project aims to broaden the way we see and understand beauty. It will examine how beauty shapes our personal and social lives in ways that may both contribute to and impede our flourishing. This exploration will include short posts, longer essays, podcasts, and videos. Through this process, my hope is that we will learn to better harness the potential for beauty to contribute to our flourishing, while avoiding its perils and pitfalls.

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About me


I spent my childhood in Qatar, Oman, India, and the UAE. Became a Roman Catholic in Dubai at the age of 18. Moved to Canada. Completed degrees in Business Administration at StFX and HEC Montreal. Moved to the United States. Married Claire. Completed my doctorate at Notre Dame. Worked in Texas at Rice University and the H. E. Butt Foundation. Moved to Maryland with our kids. Currently I work at the Catholic University of America. I study how culture shapes human flourishing.

You can learn about my research here.

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