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Bonus episode: Making Beauty Work #3 - Why Beauty Matters

Bonus episode: Making Beauty Work #3 - Why Beauty Matters

My wife Claire and I are recording a series of bonus episodes in which we discuss episodes of the Beauty at Work podcast and try to connect them to everyday life.

In this bonus episode (see video below), we chat about my interview with philosopher Michael Spicher on what beauty means and why it matters.

If you haven't listened to my interview with Michael yet, you'll want to check it out first:

What is Beauty? And Why Does it Matter?
On this episode of the Beauty at Work podcast, Michael Spricher explains how to think about beauty and its relevance to fashion and business.

We discuss Claire's opera education and explore the value of pursuing beauty for its own sake. We talk about the influence of social media on beauty standards and the dark side of beauty culture, based on Renee Engeln's research on beauty sickness. We also talk about how space affects us, and the value of creating beauty in the home and the impact of order and clutter-free spaces, and the work of FlyLady. We also touch on the role of beauty in clothing and fashion, as well as the significance of beauty in shared spaces and places of suffering.

We're only offering this to subscribers at the moment. Let us know what you think and if there are any themes or topics you'd like us to discuss.

An unedited transcript follows.

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